walking and bell training question?
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Thread: walking and bell training question?

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    Defaultwalking and bell training question?

    i walk ginger on a loose leash and she does good most of the time. when she starts to pull i correct her and she stops. she is not a constant puller. my question is will she continue to walk as nice as she's doing now or will it change when she starts getting older? she's 11 weeks.

    also about bell training i've started her at 7 weeks. if you put her leash on and say ring the bell she will ring it. but if she walking around and chewing on her kong she will not go ring the bell she will just pee around where she is. so my question is how do i get her to ring the bell without me telling her to ring it?

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    DefaultRe: walking and bell training question?

    On the first question, time will tell. Odds are that she probably will start pulling as she gets older. 11 weeks is still very young, her legs are short, and she doesn't move as quickly as say, a 7 month old Lab. Give her another month or two, and that may change. On the other hand, I do know some dogs that have never really turned into pullers. Also, the human is a bigger part of the equation than many people realize. You might, if you're not already, consider getting into an obedience class and learning how to be a good leader so that pulling does not become an issue at all. If she doesn't develop the habit, then you won't be battling a learned behavior after it has already been learned.

    On the second question, give it time. At this point, she doesn't understand the connection between feeling the urge to urinate and ringing the bell. What I would suggest is that you have her ring the bell every single time you take her out to pee. If you catch her in the act of peeing, just interrupt her and take her out to finish. She'll "get it" over time, when she is developmentally ready.


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