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    I just got my 8 week black lab 4 days ago. She is doing just wonderful. I am home all day so this helps with the potty training. My only problem is during the night. She always poops about 2 times during the night in her crate. I bought a large crate so that I could keep it for when she was bigger. I have taken a blanket and layed it at the first half of the crate. When I awake to the smell, I take her outside, she pees and I put her back, only to awaken again by her pooping. Is the crate I purchased too large?, is this the trouble? How can I get her to poop during the day rather than at night? Thanks for any help!!!

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    DefaultRe: Crate too large?

    Theres several things to discuss here. First, have you blocked off any part of the crate? Is it to the size where you pup can only turn around and lay down? Is your pup going in the corner where he/she doesn't have to lay in it?

    Second, are you sure your providing enough time during potty breaks for your pup to do #1 and #2? Allie will usually pee, and then #2 about 3-5 mins later, they arent usually back to back. Usually I can tell what her plan is by the sniffing shortly after peeing. Is the waste solid? If not, your pup might have an issue with the food your feeding which I would then ask, did you changed foods/bones/treats in the last week? If its solid, you should feed your pup, and after 20 mins, take him/her out for a #1 and #2. Hang out for a while to see if the #2 comes. Allie usually goes #2 within an hour of eating, and shes 13 months old.

    If everything else here is fine, you may need to re-evaluate the crate space. You may need to reduce the amount of space. usually when there too much room, you will have a puppy who does both #1 and #2 in the crate... If your dealing with only #2, then I want to lean towards an upset stomach...

    Hang in there, this will end soon...

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    DefaultRe: Crate too large?

    We blocked off half of Bailey's crate (plastic) with a box until she was totally crate-trained. We've been accident-free for 2 weeks now & about 3+ accident free from going in her crate, so we've removed the box now, but like you bought a crate that will be big enough for her when she's full-grown.
    The box was very helpful. I know some wire crates come with dividers otherwise I've heard of other's using a small cooler in a plastic crate.
    Good luck!!

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    DefaultRe: Crate too large?

    I got one of those wire crates that came with a divider. But you can use a box like others have said to make the space smaller. That will discourage going in the crate. You can increase the space as she grows.

    And ditto what brianttu said about the food and timing of bathroom breaks.


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