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Thread: Jumping!

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    Hey everybody!

    Scooby is really nice... he is 8 months old and really likes people! But the problem is he will jump up on them and not wverybody likes it. I was told that a good technique was to lift your knee when he does it and he should understand. I must say that it works sometimes. Would you all have other tricks. I would really like him to stop jumping... That would make my life easier (My mom doesn't want to take care of the kids because of the dog jumping..)


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    DefaultRe: Jumping!

    We learned in our dog obedience classes another option of "pinching" their paws when they jump up & say "off" or "down" or whatever you're using & then have them sit. I've tried it with Bailey a few times, not sure if it's working yet or not, she's only 13 weeks & gets excited over anything new of course!!
    I've also heard of having a few learning sessions with "new" people over at your house & have the "new" person have a treat & have your dog sit when they meet them to settle them down.
    Just a few things I've picked up from class & other posts.
    Still working on it with Bailey, so hang in there!!
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/509673

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    DefaultRe: Jumping!

    The paw-pinching thing never worked for us (Wesley would nip in response - we were hurting him, so he thought it was fair game to hurt us back); neither did the make-the-dog-walk-backwards thing (he thought it was a really cool game).

    What DID work was training OFF - Sometimes with the knee as a reinforcer (it's got to be firm but not harmful). We also withheld ALL petting/lovins etc until he was four on the floor! He got the message soon enough.

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    DefaultRe: Jumping!

    We did it a little different. Ours jumped at times, and we have small kids and elderly people that come to the house, plus just everyone else, and a large dog jumping is no fun.

    I put him on a leash when someone came to the door. When they came in, if he tried to jump, a correction...just a quick tug of the leash, and NO JUMP. He had to have all 4's back on the floor in a sit. I'd tell people to ignore him, also. My sister gets this high squeaky voice, and that would just get him more excited.

    That eventually worked for us.
    <br />Did you say TREAT ?!?<br /><br />Tucker, 3 yrs. --- Tipper, 10 mos.<br />http://www.dogster.com/dogs/284460<br />http://www.dogster.com/dogs/715680

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    DefaultRe: Jumping!

    We used a leash until the off command was firm. Let em drag a leash and use it if he/she jumps up... We also had understanding dog owners over randomly to help us work on this...
    Thanks,<br /><br />Brian<br /><br /><br />CGC, TDI Certified


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