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    Defaulthouse training

    How difficult would it be to house train a Beagle who's approximately 2 y.o. and has never been kept in the house - he's been garage kept, which, if you ask me is meant for CARS not dogs.

    Anyhoo....any tips guys?

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    DefaultRe: house training

    It is possible. A friend of mine just successfully housetrained her 15 month old rescue Lab, Bruce. For the record, Bruce has NOT been crate trained. IMO, crate training is recommended for housebreaking but it is not essential. I've trained housebroken all but 2 of the dogs I have ever owned without a crate. It depends not only on the circumstance but also on the dog.

    What worked for them was sticking to a strict routine as you would with a puppy. Feeding times were scheduled twice a day at the same times (early morning and early afternoon around 3-4pm). The afternoon meal is best fed early (they can push the time back when the dog is reliable in the house) so that the dog has a chance to get everything out of its system before bed. The dog should be supervised at all times when loose in the house. If the dog starts displaying need to go potty signs (sniffing around, getting frantic) it should be taken out immediately and praised like hell when it performs. Praise and timing is key here. No dog enjoys soiling its house/den and should quickly learn to do its business outside when given the right direction.

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    DefaultRe: house training

    It can be done. You could start from square one, back to the basics. Crate training, outside potty, inside play. Take this dog out every 45 minutes for a break, with the dog being older, I would think you could go longer, but I wouldnt want you to mess up your place... Give treats when he/she goes, give nothing if no success. It will take time...


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