Don't bite my fingers
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Thread: Don't bite my fingers

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    DefaultDon't bite my fingers

    Labs are so food motivated, I noticed when I hand them something, they're very "grabby" putting my fingers in jeopardy.* I'm teaching them "watch my fingers".* I put food in my hand with fingers all around it and offer it to them saying "watch my fingers" and don't give it until they are very gentle and I don't feel teeth on my fingers at all.* Judy is very good at sweeping her tongue through my hand.

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    DefaultRe: Don't bite my fingers

    I have found this to be rather time-consuming to teach. I use the word "easy" and every time I say it, she is definitely gentle. The problem is if I don't remind her than it's the jaws of death comin' at ya. Think I might have to try your method. After all, she's gonna be a year old this month. It shouldn't take this long should it? :

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    DefaultRe: Don't bite my fingers

    I had read in a book that you should put the treat on a spoon and give it to them because if they bite down they get metal and they don't like that so they learn to bit softer. Don't know if it works. Maybe someone here has tried it.

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    DefaultRe: Don't bite my fingers

    I started palming treats into Phoebe's mouth and it's actually helped a lot to make her more gentle.
    Becca & Phoebe


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