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    We brought home our little pup at about 12 weeks. He seemed to be pretty well adjusted. Normal puppy stuff. However, there was one odd thing about him. When he would fall asleep outside of his crate and we would try to wake him up, he would growl at us. I thought he was just being a grumpy, sleepy puppy.

    Now he is 8 months old. We took him camping with us for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he was sleeping in the tent with us, not in a crate, which is very unusual for him. He sleeps in the crate every night. When something would wake him up at night he would start the growling again.

    At one point I went over to him to see what he was growling about and it looked like he was still asleep, growling in his sleep. He started doing it again later that night and I leaned over to check on him and he nipped me in the chin. It didn't really hurt, it wasn't hard, but it suprised me. He looked confused afterwards because I got mad and gave him a scruff shake and told him "no". He laid next to me and went to sleep for the rest of the night. He did the same thing to my boyfriend the next night. He did it to me again (this time it was my hand that got the nip) the next week at home when I tried to put him in bed after he'd fallen asleep at my feet. So, I am assured this is not just a fearful camping thing.

    Sorry for the novel here, just wanted to give you the full picture. What is wrong with this dog? I don't want to wake up one morning to have him chewing on my face.* * Any ideas?

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    I think your dog is having a bad dream and when you wake em, he still thinks it a dream and bites whatever it thinks is after em. My dog growls, snores, barks, and kicks her feet when she is overly tired and having a bad dream (2-3 times a month). Sometimes its funny because you know shes running in her dream because her legs are all moving, but sometimes I feel bad because you can tell its not a good dream and shes scared of something. Dont just nudge your dog, call his name several times, so when they come out of the dream, they know the voice and that your calling their name. I can nudge Allie, but she doesn't become agressive, but it does take her a second to realize shes awake.

    I would re-evaluate your exercise, maybe your over turkering out your pup and thats why he is sleeping so hard. Allie wakes up to just about every noise, and after a minute or so, relaxes and goes back to bed. Some dogs are easily startled and when scared start to growl. Call your dogs name when the growling starts, and raise your voice if no response. Say No growl, or No speak and over time I think this will stop...


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