She keeps eating dirt!
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Thread: She keeps eating dirt!

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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultShe keeps eating dirt!


    * When we take Sadie out to "pee" and "poo", she always ends up chewing and eating grass/and or weeds. And now lately she's been digging past the grass where it's a bit thin in the backyard until she brings up the dirt, and then she chows it down.* :* I can only guess that this is not a major issue (healthwise), but obviously this is a bad habit that we don't want to continue. Healthwise though, I have noticed that her poo is a bit darker than usual the last few days, and I can only assume it's from the dirt. No biggie, or is it??

    * We try the "leave it" routine and try to get her away from her favorite spots (to eat dirt), but it seems to make no difference the next time we bring her out. We thought maybe we haven't been feeding her enough, and she is trying to make up for it. But we are feeding her 5/8-3/4 cup - 3 times a day of Iams Large Breed puppy food. I know that amount may be a bit on the lower side, but as far as I know, that amount is acceptable and a healthy amount for a 9 week old 18 lb female Lab. She looks, feels, and acts very healthy.
    * *
    * *We have just tried to take her out in the backyard with her leash on. And boy, she doesn't like that. She has suddenly lost her freedom to roam the backyard. After a few minutes, and then a few more minutes of struggle (biting the leash, rollling around, refusng to sniff out a pee spot), she finally went potty. Only after many "leave it" commands and swaying her away from her dirt eating spots.

    * *Any thoughts, or suggestions in regards to preventing the dirt eating? Should we continue with the leash until she loses interest in the dirt?*Or will she ever lose interest in the dirt? :-\
    * David, Christie
    * * & Dirt Eating Sadie :P

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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Tasman is a rock eater I just put a post up regarding that. I have been googling this and a more advanced
    problem is called Pica or eating of non eatible items. We have been upping the exercise and it's now a lot
    less and in the meantime no more roaming the backyard by himself..
    I guess the rocks are more of a problem than dirt but with us it started with eating big hunks of dirt.

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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Sorry, if you don't want it to continue, the leash must stay on. If she's fighting it, leave the leash on in the house so that she gets used to it.

    I personally wouldn't care about the dirt eating. Grass eating comes naturally to most dog is a regular bovine outside...munches on his salad. If it's not hurting them, I don't see what the big deal is. I'd rather have a dirt eater than a poop eater any day of the week and twice on sunday.
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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    I agree w/ Dani. If you don't like it, then keep the leash on. It's not a bad idea for a 9 week old anyway, and it will certainly help w/ the "leave it" command.

    Regarding the food -- that's the same amount I fed at that age, so I don't think your amount is too low. You could probably double the food and Sadie would still think she's famished. That's a lab for ya!

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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dani

    I'd rather have a dirt eater than a poop eater any day of the week and twice on sunday.
    Well said!!! ;D ;D ;D

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    curly is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    I'm glad to see that Zakk is a normal lab ;D. If we play for a while and let him rest, the first thing he does is plop down, dig a bit, and stick his nose right in the dirt (crazy guy ). He also likes to find the tall weeds (I'll admit that alot of my yard is weed and not true grass ;D) and pull them out of the ground, not really eating it but just "weeding the yard" for us.

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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Allie is a grass eater from time to time. I was told by others outside of this board that eating grass is a sign that the dog may have an upset stomach and is attempting to resolve it with grass. Everytime Allie eats grass, it does seem that shes not feeling 100% that day...

    Allie also eats a small amount of dirt, bugs, and rocks. Usually the rocks are swallowed because we chase her for those...

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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Thanks for the replys.

    We have kept the leash on for the most part. If she is tierd or just really has to go, she ignores the leash and does her thing, then we go back inside. Thus, no dirt or weed eating!! But if she has any energy at all (like this morning), she just attacks the leash, doesn't listen, or goes "pee". After near 15 mintues I gave up, and removed her leash. She still wanted the leash but I put it away in my pocket, then she went "pee". ???
    I think the main problem with the leash is that we really haven't started any real walking, so she doesn't really know the leash yet. We're gonna wait another 3 weeks until her shots are done (thanks to you who posted in my other thread regarding walking). Hopefully when we get a' walking, she will become one with the leash, and hopefully wear off some of that dirt eating energy.

    I feel I sarted this thread dedicated to dirt eating, and now I have a bigger problem with her not liking the leash! :-\
    But we'll attempt to strive through the frustation with the leash. We'll try leaving it on her in the house this evening; But I expect her just to chew on it. Should we allow her to do so, or attempt to get her to "leave it". I can only imagine how frustrating that will be.

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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    Awwww.... don't get too frustrated now... nice calm relaxing breaths...

    Start off small with the leash... and DEFINITELY teach her leave it, and if she does bite on it... drop and redirect her to a toy. Start out just 5 minutes at first.

    With Ender it really didn't take him long to figure out that he should leave the leash alone because (once I got my boyfriend on board) he was never allowed to have it in his mouth for more than a few seconds so he decided it just wasn't worth it. If she is REALLY intent on the leash biting then try something like bitter apple spray (for some dogs they really don't like the taste) and spray it on the part of the leash she is biting... or alternatively if you are coordinated... spray just a bit in her mouth when she goes for the leash.


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    DefaultRe: She keeps eating dirt!

    I think it's just a little puppy thing. If you dont like it keep her on her leash and stop her from doing it. "drop it" "leave it" or just moving her away from what she is doing. She'll catch on. Buck did the same at that age and it drove me INSANE. But he's a lot better now. He occassionaly eats a little grass and the young leaves that grow on the rose plant >
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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