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    Hello! I wanted to ask if anyone has or had this problem and if there were any suggestions! My Boomer is about 5 1/2 months. We got him at 3 1/2. We have been working on potty training since we brought him home and he seems to be getting the idea, except for when he is left alone even for just a couple of minutes!!! He does not like to be left alone at all!! When we leave for work and such he is crated, but if we happen to step outside in the front or the garage he seems to get mad and potties on the floor! Even if we had just taken him outside and he pottied then! It evens happens when we take a shower. This morning for example I took a shower and had him in the bedroom with me with the door to the bathroom open when I got out of the shower there on the rug beside the shower was a potty spot!! Is this typical of all labs or have I done something wrong?! He follows me from room to room all day no matter what I am doing. Which is ok but since we don't have a fence in the front and I can't always let him go with me. He has not yet mastered staying in the yard he is too friendly with all of our neighbors!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

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    I'm no expert by any means, but I would perhaps try crating him when you are going to be showering or out front. For instance, if you take him out, he goes potty, you come in to have a shower, don't give him the option of sitting outside the bathroom and peeing, put him in his crate.

    As for the not liking being left alone, I don't know any suggestions for that. Sounds like he might have seperation anxiety maybe?? I don't know. Good luck though!
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    You NEED to crate your pup while you are unable to attend to him/her. This will also help with anxiety because over time you will teach the puppy that you will always return. A puppy will not pee where it sleeps unless its an emergency. If you need to vaccum, crate with treat. Finish you work, take puppy outside for a pee, praise and treat if successful else return inside. Mostly people use go potty, go pee, go something to teach your dog to use the restroom on command. This is very helpful.


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