The added reward!
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Thread: The added reward!

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    DefaultThe added reward!

    As Sammi grows lb. by lb.- I have actually been loosing wt. Yes!!!! Seem's those walk's, and extra exercise for her i.e. fetching, training time, has actually been a positive for both of us. I have a book called Fitness unleashed, and boy is it right. Just wanted to share the added blessing of bringing this little dolly into our home. Hope you all have a great weekend, and give those pooches an extra puppy kiss from Sammi-

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    DefaultRe: The added reward!

    That's great!

    Kisses given, and give an extra hug (and maybe a cookie says Kodi) to Sammi from Belle, Kodi and Hoss
    Karen and<br />UAG1 SHR UCDX GRCH Tracker Belle of Bedford RAE JH CDX TT WCX WC CGC (Belle)<br /><br />UCD SHR GRCH BIMBS BBI Belle&#39;s Kodiak Dreamweaver JH UD RAE TT WC CGC (Kodi)<br /><br />SHR UCH BBI Ponderosa&#39;s Big Blond Guy JH RE TT WC CGC (Hoss)

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    DefaultRe: The added reward!

    I've been more active since Ive got my girl and have lost a few pounds as well. The best part is, it doesnt feel like work!
    Thanks,<br /><br />Brian<br /><br /><br />CGC, TDI Certified

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    DefaultRe: The added reward!

    LOL I was just saying to my husband this morning " I don;t think I have ever walked this mch in my life!!"
    Not loosing heaps yet...
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