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    There is a Dock Dog event coming to Fort Worth in a couple of weeks and I am wanting to enter my 2 dogs. What I am wondering is, can I walk my dog to the end of the dock and throw the dummy, then walk the dog back and then release her? I have read the rules and couldn't find anything pertaining to this, and their forum is not very busy.

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    DefaultRe: Dock Dogs

    I have no idea on the answer to your question, but I would love to hear about your experience if you enter them. Please let us know!

    Sue & Snicks in New Hampshire

    "I got the ball Mom....!!!"

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    i think from what I've seen is that you can do your realease in what ever way works best for your dog. Watching on espn i have seen owners who throw the object and their dog darts after it before they even know where its going; and ive also seen owners make their dogs stay, then the owner throws it, and then they release the dog.

    Let us know how the event goes!
    Koa<br /><br />&amp; Brittanie

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    DefaultRe: Dock Dogs

    Great question "TexasRebel"!!

    In competition, there are many ways to use the dock and your release of the dog. You can place the dog anywhere on the dock--you do not have to use the whole 40 feet if you don't want to. You can throw an object out and then take the dog back and release, or throw, take the dog back, walk to the front and release, you can place the dog and stand at the end and throw while the dog is approaching you, etc. There are MANY different forms used. What works best for you will be what works BEST for your dog! is also another great site for information on education and training for the sport, as well as good articles in general regarding many topics. Check it out! is another new website created for the sport. Check that out too. There's more and more information on this sport as it continues to grow!

    Good luck at the event! Let us know how it goes for you!

    [email protected]


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