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    DefaultParental reunion...

    Myself and my OH are both going away for work next week (we’re both away for around a month), and have been agonising for a while what to do with Rocksy.
    We really didn’t fancy the idea of taking her to a kennel - I just think she wouldn’t get much attention there, especially as we are away for such a long time.
    Anyway, we decided to call her breeder, the place where she was born. They are only too happy to take her in (for much cheaper than a kennel too).
    They don’t have any puppies at the moment, so it’ll just be Rocksy and her parents - who she hasn’t seen in nearly four months! Will they recognise each other? Will her parents be friendly too her? Will they pick up where they left off in the discipline stakes?
    It’s going to be intriguing dropping her off and seeing how they all greet each other!
    Has anyone had any experience in this area?

    One more thing, do you think she will miss us? A month is a long time in a puppy’s world and we’d hate for her to forget about us!

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Parental reunion...

    a few years ago we took in my moms friends dog for about 6 weeks. after about 3 weeks he started fitting in to our family very well. after about 4 weeks he seemed like ours. But when mom and dad came home he was more than happy to go home. Excited doesn't even explain how happy he was to be back home!

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    DefaultRe: Parental reunion...

    Rocksy will surely miss you! As for whether or not those dogs will remember each, I have no idea. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

    Tomorrow, DH and I are going to dinner with our breeder and we get to bring Miles over to play with the litter mate they kept and momma. I can't wait to witness the little reunion. I'll have no idea whether he'll recognize them or not because he's always thrilled to see other dogs.
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    DefaultRe: Parental reunion...

    He will definately remember you. Don't think he will remember his 'parents; as such but he'll probably remember their smell. Ty used to see his half brother maybe once or twice a year - his half brother loved him and practically squealed whenever he saw him.

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    DefaultRe: Parental reunion...

    I doubt if he'll forget you.* He'll probably be so excited to get back home, as Kathryn described.

    Tucker's breeder and I keep in touch.* When he was about 5 mos. last summer, she came for a visit...bringing mom, grandma, and littermate Sam.* Tucker's in the foreground in the pic, with Sam behind him; mom is facing the camera, and behind her.

    I'd asked the breeder if she thought they'd remember each other, and she said yes; they'd remember each other's smells.* The dogs got along great, sniffing each other, and Sam and Tucker rolled, ran and played 'til done in (they all took a break in the shade here).*
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    DefaultRe: Parental reunion...

    For sure Rocksy will remember you!

    I do think the pup and mom will "remember" each other.
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