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Thread: Barking...AHHHHHHHHHH

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    Abby didn't bark much when she was younger (she's 11 months now), but she has made up for it in the last few months. She barks a lot. When I leave her in the house she barks, When I put her in her crate she barks, When I'm outside with her and have her on a tie out she barks. I know its an attention thing, but I just would like to find a way to get her to stop. It gets really annoying. I guess I haven't helped much because I've just given in to her because I don't want to hear the barking. Help me please!!!!

    Jaime, Abby, Rocky, and Apollo

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    No advice, sorry, but I am suffering the barking also, Lizzie now 8 months is barking constantly whilst in the garden, any sound, any movement, any anything... starts her off, I am thinking it is fear (but am no expert, Lizzie is our first dog, havn't had a dog since childhood) Her hair stands on end when she starts barking and sometimes she runs indoors (especially if she sees a cat). I use the command "Quiet" and she does stop.. eventually...


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