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    Defaultcrates?! kongs?!

    Since we have had Dakota we have crated her while we are gone or unable to watch her. We have never crated her at night but she has done fine and hasn't gotten into trouble..
    We first had both Maggie and Dakotas crates next to each other and then ended up moving Maggie's back to where I had it before we got Dakota. She just couldnt figure out why I moved it. So for a while things were alright. Well now Dakota has started barking her head off when I crate her and leave the house. Now Maggie has started again also. I can play Dakota till shes ready to pass out and she will bark and bark till theres no tomorrow if I crate her when I leave.
    We are going to go get Kongs tomorrow and see if that helps. What should I start out with when I fill them? Should I let them see and play with them and see how they do with them before I just toss them into their crates with them?

    I also understand that their crates are their homes. Maggie LOVES her crate she will spend lots of time in there if the door is open. Dakota has now figured out that Maggie has her own crate and has decided to try and take it over also. She will pull all of Maggie's things out and go in there and take a nap. Maggie so far hasn't had a prob with it but I dint want it to get that far either... Should I leave the doors shut on them so they cant play in there? They are in the bedroom and so the only time they are around them is if we are getting ready for bed or on the computer.

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    DefaultRe: crates?! kongs?!


    It is probably best to start small and easy for a puppy. Fill the kong with kibble and seal the ends with a small bit of peanut butter. Once she gets the hang of it, you can start doing more creative things like freezing the kong with water soaked kibble... or mash up bananas and yogurt... just google Kong Recipes for lots of ideas.

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    DefaultRe: crates?! kongs?!

    I'm sure the Kongs will help with Maggie's barking... a busy pup won't bark! Perhaps when you are ready with the Kongs you could wash them out and then just put a little loose kibble in them and seal the big end with PB and give it to them in the kitchen or wherever. Kibble will be quite simple for them to shake out and they'll lick the PB clean! For in their crates, you can try frozen Kongs (it will last them longer)... fill with kibble, PB, plain yogurt, green beans, carrots, small pcs of cheese, little bit of leftover meat or veggies, etc... seal/plug the ends with whatever then stick in a plastic baggie and freeze overnight.

    That's kinda cute that Dakota steals Maggie's crate! If you think that it might be a problem, maybe you can just take her out each time and put her in her own crate and treat her... she should catch on that her crate is a good thing!

    You're lucky your pups don't need to be crated at night. I bet they sleep in bed with you! hee!
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: crates?! kongs?!

    Quote Originally Posted by CoCosMom
    I bet they sleep in bed with you!* hee!
    yes they do!

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    DefaultRe: crates?! kongs?!

    I am sure the Kong's will help, Tasman gets them ONLY in his crate. When I go to the fridge he runs off to his crate
    untill his Kong arrives. I don't think he even notices me leaving. Start easy with just some kibble, I have just noticed Tasman
    will be a power chewer after I bought a puppy Nyla bone and it was halfway gone after 30 min... So we are now freezing his Kongs


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