One of us needs help..
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Thread: One of us needs help..

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultOne of us needs help..

    Dakota so far has been a GREAT puppy. The one thing we cant get down is her peeing. when we first got her we did the outside every 15 mins and that worked great most of the time. After hurting my foot about 4 weeks ago we leashed her inside with me so we wouldn't have to run after here. That has worked great she has gone out to potty EVERY time. Over the weekend we let her have run of the living room and kitchen since the back door is in the kitchen. In one day we had more trouble with her going outside than I have ever had with her or any of our other dogs as puppies. she will be 4 moths old the end of next week and I really feel she should know to go out to potty. She learns well we just cant seem to get this down. Any ideas? Is it me or is it her?

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    DefaultRe: One of us needs help..

    Is it possible you gave her too much space too early? I would go back to leashing her to you or giving her limited access and gradually increase.

    For us, the bell method worked like a charm. ;D

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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: One of us needs help..

    Let me see if I understand this ... was she doing fine until you gave her more freedom? If so, then I'd go back to limiting her freedom until she is 100% housebroken. We started out with only letting Sami have access to the kitchen and the backdoor. She gradually earned access to the family room. By 5 - 6 months she had the run of the house.

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    DefaultRe: One of us needs help..

    Yes, I'd limit freedom again. I keep Miles in the same room with me all the time.

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    DefaultRe: One of us needs help..

    truth is, up until they're waaaay older, the one who is ''trained'' is YOU--you have learned to read her, her timing, what sets her off, and so on, so you are taking her out when she needs it.
    they are very distractible when young! many on here have noted how once they get outside, with all the new sights, smells, stimulations, they ''forget'' to potty, then there's trouble immediately upon return to the same ol' same ol'.....


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