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    DefaultGetting Over Puppy Fear

    Hi everyone. So, yesterday Cody (16 weeks) and I were walking and he all of a sudden was totally freaked out by this street performer with a guitar and an amp. He wouldn't walk by him and just froze. Problem is that this guy sits outside the entrance to the park and is there pretty much every nice day.

    Today I tried to walk Cody by the man treating every few feet as he got closer. I thought we were doing really well but when we got maybe 4 feet away Cody just froze again (in the street). I had to drag him the last few feet (not good but otherwise we'd get hit!). Once we got by the musician he kind of hurried on for 15 or so feet and was then fine again. Obviously dragging him by this guy is not a good idea (I feel bad that I did it today - I hope I didn't make his fear worse!!).

    How do I work with Cody to get him over this fear?

    p.s. I've also noticed him get freaked out by loud car radios - but not to the same extent. They usually just give him a start when he first hears them and then he goes back to whatever he was doing. With this guy he won't even go near him.

    p.p.s. Cody is otherwise really social (he loves meeting strangers) and not scared of any other sounds (sirens, construction vehicles, thunder, etc).

    Please help!

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    DefaultRe: Getting Over Puppy Fear

    Maybe it’s the music. Try playing a radio in the house while your not home. Get her use to the different sounds musical interments make..

    Dogs ears are sensitive to certain frequencies of sound the park musician maybe making sounds she doesn’t like for some reason.

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    DefaultRe: Getting Over Puppy Fear

    Today I tried to walk Cody by the man treating every few feet as he got closer.
    Can you get the man to give Cody a treat?

    If YOU are treating him all you are doing is re-enforcing his fearful behavior.

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    DefaultRe: Getting Over Puppy Fear

    He's at the age where he may be going through a fear period. What I've been told, is to not make a big deal over it and try to be matter of fact about the object of your puppy's fear. Now, I don't know how open this street musician is to interacting with you. If he isn't, I'd suggest just walking past like it's no big deal and your pup will eventually get over it. The music may be hurting his ears, that's another matter. Their ears are so much more sensitive than ours.


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