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    Lastnight Dakota and Maggie and I were sitting on the floor in the bedroom watching TV. I decided it was a good time to do our daily look over and Dakota bit me . She has never bit me or anyone before. I did the whole no bite deal and she wouldn't stop. So after a few times I got up and sat in a chair. This afternoon I was on the floor with her again and was looking her over and went for her mouth and she bit me again :'(. I did notice she has lost a tooth sometime this afternoon. We gave her some very large ice cubes to chew on and it did seem to help for a little.
    What else can I do for her?

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    DefaultRe: puppy teeth


    frozen wet washclothes
    plenty of bones/toys to chew on.

    Now... the biting on the floor... if it's only on the floor it might be that your puppy sees you more as a littermate when you are on "her level" i.e. on the floor. I would stop playing with her immediately... whatever you do, be consistent but also patience as this can go on for quite a while.

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    Kathryn Guest

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    Shes usally really good about not bitting. She usally just holds ur hand in her mouth if she gets ahold of it. I am hopping its just from teething. We have an almost 2 year old running around the house with her and they have done very well together so far..


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