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    i started putting ginger in her crate during the day for short periods of time. at first she barked and cried for at least an hour if not longer. its finally getting better its down to about 15 to 20 minutes. after i let her out she cries, whines, follows me and wants me to hold her. i hold her and it takes her about 5 to 10 minutes to stop crying/whining. could this be because she was only 5 weeks old? does anyone else puppy do this?

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    DefaultRe: crate question

    First off, you're not gonna want to leave her in there for much longer than an hour -- at 5 wks, her bladder won't hold out much beyond 60 mins (general rule of thumb is 1 hr of crate time for every month of life).

    Second, make the crate the greatest place on the planet. If she's trustworthy with toys, put some of them in there. And a stuffed kong or other treat.

    Third, its best to use the crate when she's already exhausted and will nap nicely in there. So make sure she's getting enough exercise (and at 5 wks, that shouldn't take much more than one good rousing play session) and then tuck her in. She'll be too sleepy to do anything but... well... sleep.

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    DefaultRe: crate question

    We started feeding Tasman in his crate, my boys would sit with him and pet him and he now (finally)
    goes in there himself if he wants to have a sleep. I agree with dweck it needs to be "the greatest place on the planet." And always reward if she is being quiet "good girl" and chuck a treat in the crate.

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    DefaultRe: crate question

    Your puppy is young, and maybe missing his parents. Add something that smells like you, and even possibly a ticking clock. This may calm your dog enough to stop the crying.

    Dweck is right, her ideas will help with the willingness to be in the crate. Work with your puppy. Place her in there for 15 mins and only let her out when she stops crying, EVEN ifs its for only 3 seconds. Continue this pattern so your pup knows that you will return to let him/her out. Over time, make 15 mins more like 30, then an hour etc.

    Good Luck.

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    DefaultRe: crate question

    Willow did that at first too (9 weeks old). I moved the crate to my living room, before it was in my kitchen. She is usually in the living room with the family anyway. She’s now starting to go in there on her own with the door open.

    Unfortunately in the real world we have to work so she’s in there for no more than 4 hours at a time I work locally and go home for lunch. Just keep in check when you feed and water her make sure she does business right before you put her in.

    I had a blanket in hers at first and noticed she had peed on it. I have since removed this and I have had no accidents so far.

    I use a stuffed KONG at night and have been trying different recipes. So far she seems to like Low fat yogurt mixed with a little sugar free all natural applesauce I throw in a little kibble and a milk bone sticking out of the top. I froze it for the first time last night and she enjoyed it.

    I only give her this at night during the day she will get a chew treat.


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