Miles rings the bell!!
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Thread: Miles rings the bell!!

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    DefaultMiles rings the bell!!

    Hi everyone. On Thursday, I finally bought bells and set them up. I showed him what they were for and after that, I took him outside EVERY TIME he rang the bells. Even if we had just returned. Now, he's ringing the bell when he needs to go out. AMAZING!! He's amazing me every day. He's such an easy puppy SO FAR.

    We are having awful storms this afternoon. The poor guy, would run to the door, ring the bell. I get my umbrella and take him out. He deosn't like it because it is raining buckets and thundering. He comes back in. Rings the bell, out we go again. This in and out continues. Finally I picked him up and took him to his pee spot and held the umbrella over him and he peed. Good boy. We go back in. Then he's ringing the bell pretty frantically. I think he has to poop but he's a private guy when it comes to that. Doesn't want mom hovering over him when he's doing that. We go outside, peel of thunder, run to the door. We go in. (toweling off every time) This time he runs in the living room and he starts to assume the position and I yelled "no!" and I scooped him (just in time) and we go out. I took him to his poop area and held the umbrella over him and he just couldn't do it with me right there so he trotted off in the pouring rain and did his duty and came back to me for his treat and headed for the door. Now he's zonked out!!

    Got him just in time but I can see that he knows what he's supposed to do, he just didn't like the storm. Poor guy! He's such a good boy!

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    DefaultRe: Miles rings the bell!!

    YAY!!! PARTY!

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    DefaultRe: Miles rings the bell!!

    Hey good boy Miles!

    We had the same with Tasman did not like the rain so decided to try and wee inside, but we got
    them him right before yelled "NOOOO", scoop and out you go.


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