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    Hi everyone!

    I've done as much research as I can. I've browsed some of the threads on here for some more research tidbits. I'd like to hear from all of you what your opinion is on pinch collars for labs. Levi is 7 months old and just horrible at pulling and taking off running on his buckle collar, etc...

    I"ve done all my reading and all of that and they say that it will not seriously injure the dog or anything like that. I just still have my doubts about something that looks like a torture device lol.

    CAn anyone give me some personal testimony on this?

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    DefaultRe: Prong Collar

    Yes, it looks horrible, but a prong collar is safer than a choke collar, IMO. We use a prong collar when we walk Larry because he tends to pull a lot, too. No problems with it thus far, and we've been using it for 3 months now. Also, check the "Our Best Advice" thread posted at the top of this forum. I'm pretty sure there's information in there that covers how to properly use a prong collar. Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Prong Collar

    I used a pinch collar on my Keeshond for years, it was the best investment I ever did. I tried all kind of collars from harness to choke collars.

    As bad as they look there not that bad, take one and put it around your wrist and give it a tug you will see that it pinches evenly when you apply pressure but once the presser is released it goes slack and does nothing.

    At first your dog will try to pull as always but once it feels the pinch he will stop. Once he gets used to it you will hardly have to pull back on it, he will learn fast. Just don’t jerk hard on it.

    I personally feel that this is much more humane then a “choke collar” these in my opinion tighten around the neck cutting off the air supply.

    I tried on of these but it just didn’t work for me my keeshonds coat was to thick and it used to get tangled in his fur.

    Just remember to take the collar off of your dog once home NEVER NEVER NEVER leave this collar on.

    I started a post on this very subject

    some trainers prefer choke collars some pinch. These are just my experiences and opinion.

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    DefaultRe: Prong Collar

    We used one to great success -- see "OUR BEST ADVICE" ;D

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    DefaultRe: Prong Collar

    I am opposed to prongs when they are not used in a strickly training situation. My Jacob was seriously hurt by one and never again will a prong go anywhere near my dog.

    I'm sure you will read many testimonials that extol the virtues of the prong collar, and I can only assume that those dogs never nearly lost an eye to their collars.
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