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    We were testing Kimba, 11 months, on being left in our room when we were not home. He was confined in his crate up until now. He did great for 2 times, today he ate away at the boxpsring on the bed. Do we go back to crate? There is nothing dangerous in the room that he can get to. I just did not know if we should continue letting him loose so he gets used to it, or if he will catch on that destroying things means back to crate, or is he is just plain not ready. Advice from anyone who has been through this with untrusty lab over 1 year old would be appreciated.

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    When Maggie was a puppy we never crated her. Then she ate a huge hole in the bed and started digging the carpet. We started crate her at about 7 month. Shes almost 3 now and shes been left out a few times. She is alright to be alone as long as its not for more than 15 mins at a time. We really tried to get her to not need to be in the crate because we got another puppy and felt we could trust her and let the puppy use Maggie's crate. It didn't work as I had hoped. So we have both Maggie and Dakota crated

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    I'd go back to the crate. The hole in your box spring is a loud and clear message that he is not ready yet. 11 months is still a pup. Go back to the crate for a few months and then try again in short increments. Start with 15 min, then go up to 30 min etc. until he shows you he can be trusted out of crate.

    A dog can destroy your furniture, chew holes in carpet, claw walls, windowsills and woodwork. All can be dangerous if swallowed. Not only that, can you afford to have your furniture and room destroyed even if it is harmless to your dog? I can't.


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