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    Defaulttwo puppies

    I have two puppies. One is a year old and the other is 11 weeks. I'm a little concerned, that the 1 year old plays a little to rough for the 11 week old! What do you guys know about somehing like that?
    What should I expect? Should they stay together? Right now I'm seperating them unless supervised. The one year old, Gracie, stays outside during the day and the 11 week old, Brooke, stays in the kitchen. Help!

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    DefaultRe: two puppies

    Oh gosh,I don't know, but in a few weeks the pup will be big enough you won't be concerned anymore.

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    DefaultRe: two puppies

    Yes, you can expect more of this and yes, its normal.

    I assume both dogs are Labs? if so, I would let them sort themselves out. Unless they are really hurting each other I would not be concerned. Rough play is completely normal. My dogs look they are killing each other when they play. You should see the looks we get.

    I remember when a friend (first time dog owner) brought her Lab puppy around for a play date. I didn't want to overwhelm the pup with multiple dogs so I only let Murphy out. We were chatting away and got distracted from the dogs for a moment. The dogs were wrestling and biting each other. My friend freaked out and thought Murphy was attacking the pup. I assured her it was normal and thats just how dogs play. Long story short, don't worry.

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    DefaultRe: two puppies

    They should be fine...but you are right, keep an eye on them. Pups and dogs will only do what they want to do. But you should crate your dogs when you can't supervise them.
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