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Thread: Playing with hair

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultPlaying with hair

    The last 2 weeks Dakota has taken up playing with my hair while we are on the floor/ground playing. She hasn't tried to pull it yet., She just likes to stick her nose in there as far as she can get it, or when its up she'll pull the little wispy parts out in the back. Kinda like she is re-fixing my hair for me..
    do any of you have puppies who do this?
    Any ideas why shes doing this?

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    DefaultRe: Playing with hair

    CoCo loves to pull at hair! I think its just something available that looks and smells like fun!
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    DefaultRe: Playing with hair

    Allie liked to smell hair, then it turned into pulling like her toys...Shannon complained and we put it stop to it quickly because she said it was no longer cute.

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    DefaultRe: Playing with hair

    Jack never pulled at it but he still loves to smell it while he is cuddle up next to me on the couch

    But he will sometimes try to pull tie if I have my hair up and I just tell him to LEAVE IT and he stops


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