Nighttime Potty Breaks
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Thread: Nighttime Potty Breaks

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    DefaultNighttime Potty Breaks

    Question about taking Bailey out at night (only waking up once a night for bathroom without any accidents the past 4 days!!); when taking the puppy out at night to go the bathroom do you bring them right back in & put them in their kennel to go back to sleep (teaching that night time is for sleeping other then potty time) or do you play with them for a little while to reward the good behavior. Stuck on this one & would love to hear what other do!!

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    DefaultRe: Nighttime Potty Breaks

    Nighttime potty trips should be VERY business like. Out to potty, back in the crate.

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    DefaultRe: Nighttime Potty Breaks

    I agree. I carry Puzzle from her crate, set her down out side, chant "go potty" as she goes, pick her back up and put her in her crate. So far, so good

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    DefaultRe: Nighttime Potty Breaks

    oh no play time at all at night...I take Buck out and stand there till he goes potty...then very calmly tell him he is a good the beginning he used to get a treat too...then we walk right back inside...sometimes he'd refuse to go in so I'd just pick him up and bring him inside and ask him to go to his crate and then give him a tiny cookie for being good and then lights out!

    Now when he once in a while wakes up to potty at night he goes out does his business comes inside and as soon as I take his collar and leash off he walks right into his crate without me having to say anything
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    DefaultRe: Nighttime Potty Breaks

    Out with a flashlight, "go potty, Bailey" and back in and back to bed. I didn't treat because I didn't want her to associate that with a special treat in the middle of the night.


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