Along the way of trying to find a suitable lab (see my other post today)- somehow things morphed from looking for an calm adult doggie, to we decided it would be nice to have 2 to keep each other company, and finally we wound up adopting 2, 12 week old puppies. A brother and a sister lab pups, one yellow and chocolate.

We are former lab owners- but my previous lab was adopted as an adult. I am joining to look for tips and help with puppy training, especially housebreaking, and molding the little guys into great well-behaved doggies. I saw info on petfinder that housebreaking is faster if you use a crate. And I have heard old school advice from family to just take the doggies out first thing in am, after eating and a few times a day (every 3 hours?). I am also thinking we may enroll the pups in a puppy pre-k or kindergarten group class.