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Thread: So FRUSTRATED!!!

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    DefaultSo FRUSTRATED!!!

    I feel like a bad daddy, but i'm so frustrated with Zoey ???* *:P ...lately she has been non stop constant biting, the only time she doesn't bite is when she on a walk or chewing on her frozen kong/ice cubes (she doesn't seem to like wet wash clothes for very long).* I should also mention that she is also 4 months old about almost 30lbs. , and already in Puppy K classes.

    We tell her "NO Bite" or "ouch" really loudly and she thinks its just a big game or something, oh and her energy level has just sky rocketed!!* Thru the roof!* When it really gets to be so bad and the toys don't entertain her, we just put her in the crate for a bit...We also take her on about a 30-45 minute walk on week days (including let her off the leash and run a bit on her own) and 2 long walks on the weekend, but she's never tired!!* It's just so frustrating!* the wife is working long hrs at work lately, and then i spend time training and working w/ Zoey everyday, but it seems as though it's not enough for her...mean while we're just exhausted all the time!* that the way it's supposed to be??* will it just get better once she loses her puppy teeth?* and it seems like she's constantly trying to test us?!?*
    I mean Zoey is a very smart puppy, and she is just wonderful at her training and off-leashing training* * , but the biting and the energy level feels like i'm gonna so just drop!!!

    What do I need to do to tire her out some or nip the biting some...sorry for the long rant, but i feel like i'm just at my wits end* *:-\

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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Yup that sounds like a lab puppy. Hopefully you did your research and knew to expect all of this! ;D

    Yes, the biting will get better once the puppy teeth are out. In the meantime it's really important that you practice consistency each and every time. Have you tried saying no bite and then ignoring her?

    To wear her out you could try a game of hide and seek, chase, or lots of retrieving practice. In general, walks just don't cut it.

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    TA that MUCH more exercise is needed! long walks are not enough exercise except for ill or Very geriatric dogs.
    get her to retrieve! use 2 identical items if she's reluctant to return only one thing to you, the item You have is Always the most desirable, you can lure her back!
    Caution! if she doesn't have a 1000% reliable recall, keep her on a 50'-100' piece of cord at all times.
    if you have the room, there are inexpensive tennis ball 'chuckers' that enable you to fling the things several hundred yards.
    be sure to increase length/time/distance carefully over a couple of weeks' time, you don't want her to get a 'weekend warrior'-type injury.

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    ceset Guest

    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Our puppy, Cody (13 weeks), was out of control with the biting. We tried the "no bite" route and the yelping route but he didn't seem at all bothered by either one. Here's what we did that really worked (i.e. he stopped almost completely within 3 days). We got a few of those little spray bottles from the drug store (the ones you use to mist plants or whatnot) and put them all over the house.* Everytime Cody bit us we would spray him once on the nose/mouth and say "no bite." It worked like magic! Now (2 weeks later), he'll occasionally bite when he's really excited but one "no bite" and he stops : )

    Hope this helps!

    p.s. he didn't seem upset by the water (he licked it off of his mouth) but the "surprise" factor was enough to get his attention.

    I wanted to add that we also used* "good kisses" in combo with the spray bottle. after we'd spray him i'd wait 5 seconds and then ask him for "kisses" when he licked my hand I'd say "good kisses", etc.

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Another method and one that is always available is to use your hands to stop the biting.* *

    Whenever she puts her teeth on you, hold her lower jaw while gently pressing down on her tongue with your thumb (of the same hand).* Look her in the eye and sternly say "No Bite!"* Remember I said press down "gently".* You don't have to hurt her. She will struggle to free herself at first but don't let go immediately.* Hold her like this for just a few seconds (only seconds, not minutes). You just need to incapacitate her for a few seconds so she thinks she is "stuck" on your hand.* The first couple of times you try this method she will probably think it is a new game and jump right back in for another bite.* Grab her again and do the same procedure.* If you and everyone else in the household is consistant, you will see the biting stop within a week or so.* The key is EVERYONE must be consistant.* She can never be allowed to put her teeth on you no matter the reason.* It is can never be considered cute and can never be allowed because it sends mixed signals.

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    jakeysmom Guest

    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Jake's biting stopped as soon as his teeth came in. Wait until you see the size of her teeth!!!! Then you'll understand what all the biting was about!!!

    Just make sure you have plenty of toys for her. Try a rawhide. They keep Jake busy for hours. (I have heard that they can upset puppies stomachs. Jake didn't have a problem. We got the plain ones, not the flavored.)

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Just to add - the spray bottle and hold-the-tongue methods described above are great, but they didn't work for us.

    We re-directed the behavior, teaching our dog that although biting was unacceptable, kissing was okay. So our mantra became "No bite! Kissy! GOOOD Kissy!!" He caught on!

    And I agree about the off-leash stuff. If you need more bang for your exercise buck, try taking her swimming. Or use a flexi CAREFULLY (Flexi, imho, requires a whole separate set of training commands - if you're sketchy on the basics, this is NOT recommended).

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by dweck
    If you need more bang for your exercise buck, try taking her swimming.
    We bought a long cord at a home hardware store and use it to "leash" CoCo for a variety of exercise and training, including retrieves both in the water and on dry land! Ohhh... does that tire her out!
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Buck had suddenly gotten very nippy and non of the usual suggestions like stopping all games walking away...holding his snout and saying No bite worked...finally I tried something a friend suggested...It's basically disciplining him the way his mom would have...when he would nip at me I'd pick him up and flip him over and hold him that way and say NO BITE! and not let him go till he stopped wriggling around...after doing this for a couple days he got a lot lot lot better...if he gets excited and tries to nip I just yell NO BITE and he scurries off and grabs a toy and if he tries to nip again I just flip him...
    Buck is 4 months old now
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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    DefaultRe: So FRUSTRATED!!!

    Our new puppy just really started thsi today..... guess he's getting adjsted to being around us (we have had him for two days ;D). I am trying the holding the muzzle and reinforcing with "no bite".

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