We have an 11 yr old black lab who has been by far such a great dog. We just added a 7 week black lab puppy on Sunday. Needless to say our older dog is not taking too well to the puppy. We took them outside and introduced them however, I don't think we did it quite right now after reading information, but we put the puppy in the yard and let our dog come to the puppy, but our older dog just seemed perplexed and stayed at a distance therefore we didn't force him to come to the puppy. The puppy actually isn't super rambunctious or anything and actually is pretty mellow but he does want to play with our older dog or follow him at times. If he follows him he will walk away and if the dog touches him like runs into him or tries playing with him, he will growl or bark at him and on occasion has shown his teeth, we have been allowing this since he hasn't touched him and have read it's normal behaviour, although if it keeps going (rarely) we redirect the puppy but the puppy seems to be taking his clues and backs off. Last night the puppy stayed at a distance and had him bum in the air and slapping the ground and barking at older dog then our older dog was playfully barking back wagging tail, but as soon as puppy would get close he would get up although he did have a toy so he probably thought the puppy would take it. Most of the time when the puppy is pestering the older dog he is wagging his tail, not fast or anything like he's excited but wagging but growling or barking. Is this all normal? Also when do we intervene is our next question, we don't know where the line is.

The other question I had is we have been feeding the dogs at different times, should we keep the puppy away from the older dog while he's eating or allow the puppy over there? We have been keeping him away for now.
Thanks I have more questions but these are for sure the most important for now.