We have a chocolate, just one year old. He is our 6th dog, and now he is an only and we are having big troubles. I must say, we have dedicated ourselves to this dog and have given up many things on his behalf.
He has always had a "counter surfing" problem. We feel that we have consistently corrected him, and it has improved slightly. Now he has taken it to guarding, and has bitten my adult daughter. Here is what we have tried...trading for something of greater value (his favorite is cheese), ignoring as much as possible, etc.
The objects he guards are stolen items like gloves, hats, toilet paper, paper towels, socks...no food guarding. Trading has helped but behavior still persists, and it is likely he would bite. We have tried working with toys having him give/then give back repeatedly. Unlike every other dog we've had, he seems to have no guilt /just does nt seem to care.
He is exercised what I consider alot..some off leash at the beach for instance, and 2 other 30 minute walks for a total of 1 1/2-2 hrs daily. We work on training consistently and hes awesome inside, but does nt listen outside. Other dogs don t seem to like him...he makes alot of enemies. He is friendly though and does not fight back. He just does nt seem to "get it". We have tried to socialize him daily. We are starting to thing something is wrong with his brain. We are determined to make it work.
Also, household has been under stress with serious illness. Our home is small so putting away objects is difficult in a 900 sf space.
thanks for any imput