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Thread: Digging!!!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!

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    Our backyard is starting to look like a nuclear aftermath With all the holes and burnt grass we don't know what to do. Any ideas on the digging???(other than sitting outside with the dog,which is what I should do after reading about the stolen dogs!!!! :'()

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    You answered your own question Your dog is bored and finding it's own entertainment. Up the exercise and supervise them outside.

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    DefaultRe: Digging!!!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!

    We are always outside with Bailey and she likes to dig. So we gave her a little piece of the yard to dig in and now that's where she digs. It's her "dig pit." My daugher's dog is staying with us this week, and they are both hilarious to watch in the dig pit. I go out when she's asleep and rake it all back up sometimes, and she's amazed that all her holes are gone.

    She has all the toys in the world, and two parents (who really NEED grandkids at this point) who love her so much and spend all their time not at work with her, and she still loves to dig. Give in and give her a corner. Or at the least, get her a sand box. Some dogs jump and some dig. Thank God we got a digger


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