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    First of all, we have had 2 other labs both of which were spayed neutered around 6 months. Both had cruciate ligament surgeries, and one had heart cancer. Now we have a 7 month old boy, and we are trying to wait for neutering until he's about 18 months so that his bone plates can grow normally. There is tons of research out there now about this, and it is beginning to garner more and more attention. Early spay and neuter obviously affects growing pups in many ways as you are cutting off hormones. And hormones have many functions as we know.
    So, our problem is our happy go lucky friendly 7 month old guy keeps getting attacked at the park. Even when he was really little (10 wks).
    We don't want him to become injured, and we want him to be well socialized. Looking into other alternatives such as vasectomy, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I suggest you stop going to dog parks, whether you decide to neuter your dog or not. I prefer to let my dog hang around familiar dogs. You can do other interesting stuff with your dog apart from dog parks. You can go for walks, hikes, go swimming....

    I am saying all this as an owner of an intact 11 year old male.

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