She bites all the time. It hurts! She lunges to bite and attacks (I think in play, but still).
I am sending her to all day obedience school for puppies most days (they work on potty-training, and I also said if they could work on the biting).
She is the worst with the kids. She cannot have time around the house if they are home (stays in octagon gate) unless I am there to watch, or she attacks the kids ankles, hard. In the hard we have a stake (she gets a roomy area to roam) or she'll attack the kids.

We do the play bite correction, yelps, stop play when she does it...

Does this end? Should I put lemon juice on my hands?

My husband came home from work today and she lunged and his ankle pants and dug in, hard. But these are good family pets, right? Help!