I realize all puppies grow at different rates. However, I am trying to gauge if my current puppy is doing ok. He weighed in around 10lbs at 8 weeks and at his 16 week appointment he weighed in at 27lbs. Does this sound like a good rate at which he is growing? The vet said he looks good. He eats about 1.75cups of food a day...split into 3 meals.

As always food is a concern. I noticed that he goes for days with good formed stools and then suddenly has poops where it stars out fine and then ends with a mushy paste. What's that all about? I don;t know if it is coincidence or there is a connection but I think the first time it happened was right after he got his very first dose of heartgaurd. He actually ended up with the runs and had to go on a bland diet for a couple days. The second time was after his second dose but it only lasted for about 2 poops. Any one else experience this?

Also, anyone feed their puppy raw food? Our previous lab (passed away in march ) on a prepackaged raw diet. That's a long story on why but he's did wonderfully on it. Talk about change in coat quality and everything else. He didn't start on it till he was a 1.5 years old but I was just curious on people's thoughts about a puppy on it.