Best place for puppy in car?
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Thread: Best place for puppy in car?

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    DefaultBest place for puppy in car?

    Our puppy Kai (10 weeks) is terrified in the car as of now and sits on the passenger side when I drive with the harness belt on. My kids sit in the back and they are scared that the puppy will bite them (he's teething) and I don't want t be distracted with their screams. I thought of the trunk space behind the second row of seats but how do I do it? Is a kennel or carrier best way? Or just a seat belt with some sort of barrier. I want to invest in long term rather than buying something now and then buying something later.

    This is my first puppy ever. So please advice. I appreciate you reply!

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    Car seatbelts for dogs are a great tool if you don't want your dogs confined, or if you have a two-seat car. Make sure to attach them to a harness, and not a collar. They clip into the female buckle of a car seatbelt on one end, and have a standard leash clip on the other. By attaching them to a harness, you ensure the dog is secured by the body, and their neck won't be damaged in an emergency.

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