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    I just found this website. What a great resource!

    My problem is this....Toby is my 7 month old lab. He is quite smart and learns what I teach him quickly. We also have Biscuit, an 11 year old lab. Biscuit is very submissive and never "put Toby in his place" when he tried to play/chew on her. We were able to teach Toby to not chew on her by saying "be nice" everytime he went after her. Soon he learned she is "no fun" and doesn't bother trying to play with her.

    Toby, however, has no control when it comes to playing with our neighbor's lab, Murphy, who is two. From the time we brought Toby home he plays/wrestles/chews on Murphy and Murphy give it all back to him, which Toby thinks is the greatest thing in the world.

    When Murphy wants to quit playing and just lie down/walk/pee/etc. Toby is constantly trying to bite his legs/ears/lips. It's like he doesn't get the hint that enough is enough. I have taken him to dog parks and he plays this way with the other dogs too until he gets so exhausted he has to lie down.

    How can I teach him to not be so agressive in his playing? I certainly don't want him to not play at all.
    What is this clicker thing someone mentioned? Would that work?

    Thanks for any help you can share.

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    DefaultRe: Agressive Play

    Dogs are pretty good at handling their own relationships as long as humans stay out of the mix. The other dogs will put Toby in his place when they've had enough. You can also teach him "leave it" or put him in time out when you've had enough.

    Seriously, I wouldn't intervene except 1) when the older dog is being pummeled/abused by him or 2) when you see another dog sending clear signals that they've had enough (growling with teeth showing, snapping and charging...these are all warning signs) and Toby isn't recognizing them. Step in and redirect Toby to something else for awhile to diffuse the situation.


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