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    Hi there! We have a 15 month old yellow lab. He's our first lab, and the only dog we have had since I wasn't a kid (a long time ago?). My question is about bathing. I took him to a groomer about a week ago and just a couple days after he already started to stink. He loves rolling around on the bushes and grass in our yard, so of course I know he's going to get smelly at some point. I was wondering how offen is okay to bath puppies? I can't really afford to take him to the groomers every week, but should I be giving him a bath myself more often? Weekly? Biweekly? Thanks!

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    Actually Labradors are one of the few breeds that should NOT be bathed frequently. They have a natural oil in their coat and if you bathe them too often it can strip the coat of those oils. I normally bathe my adult Labrador once or twice a year. Usually around shedding time when he is blowing his coat and tends to get a bit itchy. If he is smelly anything other time I just hose him off.

    Puppies you may end up bathing more frequently just so they can get used to being bathed and they also have a puppy coat until they are around 4-5 months of age. Since they tend to get into more things it is ok to bathe them a bit more with a mild shampoo. Once that adult coat comes in though I would avoid bathing with shampoos unless they are really stinky.

    Regular daily brushing usually helps keep labs clean and then hosing them off (which most of them love anyways) when they get into mud/etc. Infrequent (1 or 2 times a year) bathing is all they need. If their coat is stripped of their natural oils it will lose it's water repellent effects and potentially cause dry skin which can cause other problems. Regular nail clipping & brushing is really all you need to do with a lab. Also getting a kiddie pool helps them to hose themselves off, LOL!
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    agree with the above, labs are a breed that shouln't need many actual baths (with soap). My 13 year old has had under 13 baths in hise life (though I adopted him at 18 months). Soaps strips the oils that protect their coat so the more you wash the worse the coat gets and the more they "need" to be washed.

    what did you get done at the groomer's?

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