6 month old Lab is crazy for food, wants to steal older dogs food.
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Thread: 6 month old Lab is crazy for food, wants to steal older dogs food.

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    Default6 month old Lab is crazy for food, wants to steal older dogs food.

    We have a 6 month old Lab that we have had for 4 months. Since the beginning feeding both dogs has been somewhat of a challenge. I get the older dogs food first, set it on the counter, then get the puppy's food put it on the floor. As the puppy dives onto his bowl of food to eat as fast as he can, I give the older dog his food (about 12 feet away). I then stand guard between them, because the little guy will always get done first because he is inhaling it. When the little guy gets done I pet him, talk to him, restrain him, etc. After 4 months it is better, but he will still go over and eat everything he could out of the other dogs bowl if no one was there to hold him back.

    I know several here have multiple dogs, what tips can you offer to be able to feed 2 dogs in the same room?

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    My suggestion would be to serve your puppy his meals in a way that slows him down when he eats. There are several ways you can do this. The most economical and quickest way is to simply distribute his kibble in a muffin pan. You can also use an appropriate sized kong or any other treat/food toy on the market. Also talk to your vet about chaning his kibble. He may need a higher calorie food.

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