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    Hey everyone,

    I've got a 10 month old lab, Tyson. Sometimes -- on very random occasions -- when the front door is open he will bolt into the backyard of this ONE house. The thing that's got me so strung up is that the house belongs to a mean, grumpy old lady who has a very old dog. She hates everything under the sun except her dog -- even her own children; her behaviour is appalling! For whatever reason, Tyson always bolts to her house and starts sniffing everything there -- he doens't bark, doesn't bite, doesn't even annoy the other dog (her dog could use some company -- he's never taken for walks!).

    When this happens, we have to run to fetch him and he doesn't budge. We have to carry/drag him out of her house while she hurls abuse and threatens to call the pound to take my baby away.

    What can I do to stop him from going to the lady's house? It really is a horrible experience for all of us, particularly Tyson, who is punished by not being taken out that day (is that the wrong thing to do?).

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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    I can imagine how terrible you feel every time you have to drag him out of that neighbours compound. My friend had the same problem with their pet slightly older than Tyson. She had gotten one of those mesh fences but their pet, a digger would simply get it's away around. She ended up getting a wireless dog fence, which she says she also uses when traveling or hiking. I haven't tried it yet but would mind trying if Sammy gave me such trouble. Maybe you should also look into getting him to be more comfortable at your place. Create a small agility course in your backyard perhaps? Get him more toys and exercise, just something to keep him busier.

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