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    Both my labs have a prong collar, happys is an x-large and lucky's is a large.* I haven't used them in a really long time and I was just reading the advice the dweck posted.* Lucky will be 8 months on the fifteenth I've only used the prong on her once and she took off running and it yanked her back pretty hard.* Should I wait till she's over eight months to put it back on her?* She yelped pretty good the one time it was on her.* Happy responds beautifully to the prong, if it even slightly tightens he slows his gait.* (I bought them to teach the dogs to walk beside us instead of running ahead and 'walking us'.)* I haven't used them in so long because of the weather, but I'm thinking of pulling them back long should I wait on using one on Lucky?* I don't want to hurt her.* She's so big already though!!* Should I work on walking her and let my son walk Happy, since he's already well adjusted?

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    I think at 8 months she should be fine with it on. You could also try to Easy Walk Harness by Premier or the Sensation Harness if you want to try to avoid the prong. They both have the leash attach to the front so when the dog pulls it makes them turn to the side and stops the pulling. I've tried it and have heard others with sucess.

    I do use a prong for Mocha and it is wonderful too I think which one you use depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to teach her to stay by your side and heel and eventually be able to have her do it with a buckle collar on. Use the prong and actually teach heel. If you just want her to walk without pulling your arm out of socket the Harness is good but it is more difficult to transition back to a regular collar.


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