Murphy is just over 2 years old now (his bday was Oct 12).

What a great guy! He has been so easy to have around. We really never "trained" him officially. He just picks up on things real fast. Want him to sit down? Just ask him to "have a seat", and there he goes. He is one of those dogs that is very, very careful around people and stuff. He does not jump on anyone and he seems to know where his tail is at all times.

We take him to our condo on the beach. People remember his name, but not ours, LOL. A lot of people think he is a service dog because he is so well mannered. If we stop to talk with people he introduces himself and if we keep talking he just lays down and is happy.

He has a quirk or two which is great. He likes socks that have been worn. He doesn't chew them up, just carefully picks one up and then gets this very "rogue" look about him. If we ask him to give one back, no problem.

He doesn't beg, nor will he take food from the table. BUT! He knows that after we have gone out and played after dinner, we OWE him exactly: 3 small biscuits, 1 chicken strip and a bone to chew. He will not let us know that we OWE him that unless he has finished his dinner. After that? He is pretty much a floor potato after that. He does not go on furniture at all. If it is cooler like this time of year, he will let us know when he would like the fireplace turned on.

If I take him for walks around town he pays attention. When we come to a corner he will look around at me to find out which way we are going. If I say "this way" and gesture in a direction, off we go!

He gets out to play about 5-6 times per day for at least 20 minutes each time. When we play tennis ball with him, he insists that we throw two balls in a row. Evidently he likes doubles. When he gets bored with that, he finds a pine cone to add to the mix. Interestingly, he does not destroy the balls or the pine cones. Heck, he even has two toys that we bought for him as a puppy.

He isn't crazy about riding in the car. He likes to go places and will head for the car to get in, but the ride? He just looks out the window and is not interested in hanging his head out the window at all. He does like the ladies at McD's though. He also likes the vet's office. The other day I took him in for his pedicure. When they brought him back the guy said "Wow, never saw a dog do that!" Turns out, they got him in the room, he laid down, rolled onto his side and was just ready to have them trimmed. Like I said about, he just "gets it" after a few times at doing anything.

Well, I am sure I have bored you all to tears by now with my ramblings like a doting grandfather. But that is why we have labradors! They make us happy, real happy. Oh, did I mention, he is a chocolate lab. When you have a lab as a member of the family, remember: Resistance is futile.