THE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?
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Thread: THE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?

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    DefaultTHE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?

    Hey all, Cadbury has taken to whining incessently before we take her for a walk in the if she knows she's going out, or going for a walk she starts to whine impatiently until we is REALLY annoying. Any ideas on how to break her of this habit??????

    Rachel and Cadbury

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    DefaultRe: THE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?

    Getting out the door sooner? :P Sorry... no clue.

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    DefaultRe: THE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?

    Don't take her until she's quiet if it's an option.

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    DefaultRe: THE WHINING!!!!! Any suggestions?

    I would consider using commands. Bring your dogs attention to something else other than whinning. We do a routine with Allie where we ask her to place, come, and sit while we gather her things. That way she is axious to fulfill the next command before she has time to whine.

    This may or may not work for you, but it has worked for us. Allie's mood usually has an affect on how much she whines. Usually its very little, but every now and then, she whines and we are in the same boat as you...


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