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    Hi i have an 8 year old male black lab which i have had for 6 years he is a brilliant dog. Every now and then he will dig the smallest of holes if he has been left alone for a long time (when i go to work) I take him for a walk and again this is only every now and then. Last week i adopted a 11 month old male gold lab. I went out for an hour and came back to the biggest hole you can image that went under the shed. I 8 year old was coveredd in sand and looking very guilty. I have not caught them in the act but am at my wits end after 3 day in a row i have now had to fence them off from the grass which is less than ideal. any ideas or help would be amazing

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    Sounds to me like they are having a great time!

    They want to see the shed tip over and fall in the big hole they dug.

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    Sounds to me like the 8 yo was supervising the excavation, and caught the brunt of the sand. My suggestion if you are expecting 2 labs left alone for extended times to be happy, you consider pouring a concrete slab and building a nice covered kennel for them. Depending on where you live, it's awfully warm if they are left out w/o shade, so maybe they were just seeking a cool, shady spot for themselves...
    Welcome to Labrador antics though. I have 7 currently and you should see the nice holes they can excavate when trying to catch gophers and mice in my field! Anne

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