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    Lucky will do okay with "Leave It" if I hold her collar and I've thrown the toy on land.* But if I throw it in the water, the dog goes spastic!!* I'm trying to get my other lab to not be afraid of swimming and to fetch like she does, but she won't give him a chance.* After she successfully pulled me into the creek I was able to hold onto her in a bit deeper of water to keep her from getting the bottle but she whined and cried and howled until I finally let her go get it.* How do I get her to listen when we're in the water....or near it!!!

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    First, cool pix but can you resize them.* They are HUGE!

    If you pup is anything like my Murray (completely water obsessed), you may not ever get her to wait.* The sound of water, the scent of water, the view of water, even a thought of water sends Murray into a crazed state.* He actually short circuits.* It's an obsession that we may never fully understand.

    I've been working with him on this for the 3 yrs I've owned him.* He is better now than when I first got him but I still don't have the control that I want around water.

    I did a couple of things:

    1) He is not allowed to swim with a collar.* If his collar is off, he's allowed to go in.* Police dogs are similarly trained based on the collar they are wearing.* They have a working collar/equipment and an at home/play collar.* This is a work in process.* Sometimes I can call him off water when he has his collar on, but not 100%.* It's still better than where he was 3 yrs ago.

    2) I spent a lot of time desensitizing him around the pool.* When we first got him he would frantically try to jump the 6' block wall to get to my neighbor's pool when kids were splashing and playing in it.* He also would drag everyone and everything out of our pool.* No one was allowed to be in there and he would dive on top of people to "save" them and draw blood dragging them out.* Not good when you have small kids that want to swim without being drowned.* We tried leaving him in the house when we swam but he would hurl himself at the glass doors/windows and I was afraid he was going to get seriously hurt.

    At first, I walked him around the pool (actually he dragged me around the pool whining is more descriptive) while I told him "No swim" and "Leave It" .* Once we could walk around the pool nicely, I had my daughter sit on the edge of the pool with her feet in it.* We started back at square one with him trying to drag her out of the pool and me hauling him back with all my might.* Once he could bear having her sit near the pool, I had her get in and just stand there.* Again, we were back to sq one.* We continued this way until she could swim across the pool.* This was not an overnight fix.* It took most of the season.*

    We are just beginning our 4th swim season with Murray and I still can't have the floating chlorinator or cleaner in the pool when he swims.* He has learned not to jump on people so we can all be in the pool together.* He is however still obsessed with his toys.* He doesn't bother the toys my kids play with but no one can touch his toys.* Now that we have Essy, this is more of an issue.* Each dog has its own toys but Murray still believes that any toy that touches the water is his.* We now have something else to work on.*


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