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    My 6 month old lab has started biting and I don't know what to do!
    She doesnt do it aggressively at all, it's out of excitement when shes playing or when I get home but obviously this is not a habit I want her to learn.
    Otherwise shes the most perfect dog I've ever come across and is learning lots of things.

    I also need some advice.. I have a little maltese who is coming home on Wednesday and shes quite an anxious dog, especially around someone like my lab who is full of beans and energy. How would you go about introducing them and letting them spend time together? To even leaving them alone together.

    Helpppp me pleaseeeee!

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    Biting.. as you point out she's playing, tell her "no bite" when she starts it, give her a toy to bite, when necessary raise your voice, (meaning it hurt more that time) she'll get the idea. Rocky is 14 months, 80 lbs. and occasionally will still do this mouthing thing when sitting close, I just tell him to quit it.
    Can't help with introducing a new dog, never went thru it, I would guess they would need a place to call their own (crate?) when you can't monitor the socializing.

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    i would introduce them on neutral territory. maybe go for a walk with them together. you may want to keep them separate in the house as they get used to one another. Supervise 100% of the time whenever they interact.

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