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    Defaultterrible recall

    Rocky just turned one year old, I've been training him with whistle recall including treats.
    He does great as long as it's just he and I, but when he sees someone else (neighbor) he just takes off to visit regardless of how much noise I make.
    Is this just an age thing? Am I being too impatient? I'm determined to get past this.
    Your experience is appreciated.

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    No, not just the age though I"m sure that's part of your issue. Distractions are something you have to train around and with in a proofing sense. You also need to be sure you can follow thru w/ a correction (or reward, depending what happens).
    A good obedience class will train using distractions, but you may have to find a competition based class to get a really good instructor. Most of us who do field work have collar conditioned our dogs to an ecollar to have "just in case" our youngsters suddenly turn "deaf" out there. Doesn't take much of a reminder w/ mine, even at 6-8 mos old if the foundations are there.

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