Crate: No foam bed ok? Or dangerous?
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Thread: Crate: No foam bed ok? Or dangerous?

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    DefaultCrate: No foam bed ok? Or dangerous?

    I have a 9 week old pup. When he's lounging around the house, he loves sprawling out on the kitchen floor (tile) as I believe it's nice and cool for him.

    We took the bed out of the crate that he sleeps in as the metal bottom is likely nice and cool and close to the kitchen floor. But at night it sounds like he slides around on it alot. We have a towel down but I'm not sure it's enough.

    I didn't want to put the foam bed in there as my friend who has a lab pup a few weeks older than mine, the pup chewed up the foam bed and had to go to the vets.

    Is the foamless, metal floor a possible issue for his hips/legs if he's sliding? What do you recommend?

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    don't think so, is the tray metal or plastic? mine was plastic.
    when Rocky was that age he had a pillow and a blanket, of course it was winter, still he never chewed anything in the crate. how long is pup spending in there?

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