Occasionally I see crate questions from new or soon to be owners and thought I'd pass along two things.
#1 was learned the hard way,
#2 was a suggestion from another and I thank him for it.

#1 Rocky always slept well in his crate at night, one day I decided to go to the local store (15minutes round trip) and I got lazy hooking only the top latch on the door, when I returned he had pushed up the bottom of the door and it was caught on his neck like a trap. needless to say after that i got more careful and even went to the extreme of getting a couple of those snap hooks (on the end of a leash), they fit around the wire (door and cage) just in case he figured out how to open the latches.
peace of mind.

#2 look at the wrap around hooks holding the corners together, it not unusual for them to come un-done, especially if you move the crate around,
get cable ties and secure all eight corners, simple, few minutes, no more problem.