Going for a walk with Rocky
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Thread: Going for a walk with Rocky

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    DefaultGoing for a walk with Rocky

    Now that he's had his second set of shots, I've started taking Rocky for short 5-10 minute walks near my house. I only get about 100 yards or so from my house as Rocky needs to stop and investigate/eat everything under the sun. Is this normal 12 week old behavior or should I be insisting on having him stay on the sidewalk and walking at heel? ???

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    DefaultRe: Going for a walk with Rocky

    When we first started taking Ender for a walk I would let him wander and explore... it was slow going but as long as he didn't pull... I didn't mind.

    I really don't think you can expect heel any time soon.

    For me... first thing I did was verbal praise any time Ender was walking "with" me... either a bit behind or a bit ahead but NOT PULLING. If he walked beside me I say "good heel!" and treat but I don't expect him to do this 100% of the time as he's only 14 weeks old and I imagine that walking right next to me would be pretty boring.

    Now... my next thing is going to be actually asking him to heel... especially on the bike path when there are people coming the other direction or passing us. Right now I just shorten the leash... but hopefully he'll learn to do that on command... he's sort of getting it now.

    To me... a strict heel is something more advanced and probably not something I'll try until we are in Puppy Kindergarten class.


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