Puppy K for a Tough Tilley
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Thread: Puppy K for a Tough Tilley

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    Tilley (BF-11/12/05) is starting puppy k this evening. We haven't done this in over thirteen years. When we went to the vet yesterday (who happens to be teaching the class) Tilley showed her stubborn side when the Vet wanted to examine her inverted vulva. Tilley is 42 lbs and as strong as any dog I have dealt with at that size. At any rate, it took the Vet a full thirty seconds and a lot of work to get her to submit to getting examined. It was not a harsh thing to watch at all just proved to me how smart and stubborn this dog is. It was not news to me that she percieves herself in control. She does very well with other dogs but I am wondering what you experienced folks think I need to do to prepare for tonight? Our vet said she would be working specifically with us on a few things. I felt like such a failure to this point, but she has shown flashes of brilliance and her in-house manners are improving greatly. Any thoughts?

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    Tilly, I have a baby too and it has been 10 1/2 years since my last puppy. I totally understand what you are going thru, because my last Lab was the best dog anyone could have (that is my take ) and now I have to start from scratch. I get frustrated when I tell her to stop. But I have to remind myself that this is a learning time for the both of us. I think at home you need to just be consistent with everything you learn at puppy K and understand that the dog lovers (like myself) understand that training is a gradual process.


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