7 month old barking for attention
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Thread: 7 month old barking for attention

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    Default7 month old barking for attention

    Hello everyone,

    I stumbled across this forum trying to look for answers. My 7 month old lab has started barking attention, and its getting very frustrating. Neighbors have already complained. I still love him though. I have used the search function, but many cases seem to involve inside dogs where owners have the privilege of walking into another room or something like that as well as the dogs bark being contained within the house.

    • He is an outside dog, but has another older dog as his companion (9-11 years old, adopted)
    • They both have an entire 2 car garage to themselves, which they sleep in at night
    • Blinds have been put on 2 different windows to try and block his visibility
    • Tried the spray bottle
    • Walked once a day at least 30-45 minutes
    • Neighbors have already complained about the barking. They have small children so I feel bad

    When I put them in the garage around 10-11 pm, sometimes earlier because of the barking, but I will let them out again before putting them up.
    6 am rolls around and he is barking up a storm and also causing the calmer older dog to start barking. Ill go outside let them out and feed both of them. Its 6 am and I haven't had a chance to get ready for work, as soon as I step inside the whiny high pitch barking begins. Neighbors have already complained so its hard to ignore the barking for even for 2 minutes.

    When this happens should I put him in the garage until he stops? As soon as he does let him out. Rinse and repeat?
    If this is a good method, how long should I wait until the barking stops?

    I feel so bad trying to ignore his bark because of my neighbors. Lets say I don't put him the the garage, as soon as I step inside the house he will bark anywhere from 5-10 mins at 6 am in the morning. When he eventually stops barking do I wait for him to be silent for 1 or 2 mins before stepping outside and praising him

    Sorry for the long wall of text, but I friend suggested a vibration/shock collar, which I really don't want to use
    Thanks for reading

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    Sounds like he wants to be an inside dog? Is he lonely for people? Labs are lovers and need company and another dog might not be enough to make him happy. Mine sleep on my bed with me at night and sit with me in a recliner in the evening as I read or watch TV. They go in the car almost everywhere I go. They want people for company and they give loads of love in return.

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    I think in this instance it is the BREED that is the issue and not the behavior.

    Labradors are known as velcro dogs for a reason. They want to be with their people and not locked outside and away from the life being led by those persons.

    I'm not sure why your dogs are kept outside rather than inside, but that is the crux of this issue unfortunately. Even allowing them inside in only one area of your house (giving the Lab a spot that is his own, with a bed and perhaps a crate) where they can see you would solve the barking issue….

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