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    AngryNormal Behavior?

    My male yellow lab is 12 weeks old and he is pretty good about the potty training but every other week for 2 days in a row, he will wee in the house. This is after he has been out in the last hour. Not sure if it is an attention seeker or he is just going backwards in training?

    We get up at 5:30am and he goes out (does both businesses), he eats around 6:30am and goes back out around 7:45am (for both businesses), we go to work where he may go back out around 9:30am or he will hold it until we go back home around 11:45am, he then is in his crate until 3:45pm, he will go out at this time (does both businesses), comes back in the house and eats again, he will go back out around 5pm (does both businesses), and this is where we run into the problem....he will mostly hold it until 7pm and again at 9pm for bed time but on his bad weeks, he will go out every single hour. Most of the time he will sit by the back door and I will let him out but when he goes in the house, he just gets up and wees without any warning. We do go out together as I don't trust him enough to send him out on his own, I want to make sure he goes when he is out there and not just eating leaves.

    The first time he did this was the second week we had him...fine I probably didn't do something right and get him out in time or let him drink too much water (not sure since that post didn't get any responses). This week though, he had been at my friend's house over the weekend since we went out of town and the last 2 days, he has gone in the house in the evening after having been out every hour starting at 3:45pm. He usually goes behind the couch by the back door (and his food/water) but yesterday, he went in our bedroom right in front of me while I was folding laundry!

    Is this normal potty training issues or he is saying, "since you aren't paying attention to me, I will make you acknowledge me?". Pretty sure dogs don't think like this but...

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    so housetraining is not a straight road. there will be steps forward and some step back. Often as dogs get better and better we start trusting them more and that is when accidents can happen because we except them to be "fully trained" but - at 12 weeks they are not.

    the odds of it being for attention seeking are little to slim. two hours is still a long time for a puppy during the main evening time. I found young dogs (even up to 6-8 months) often need to pee a bit more in the evening because they are busier. take him out more often again, even if it means every hour.

    puppies are also very driven by routine. having spent the weekend elsewhere and starting back in his "old" routine leaves a lot of wiggle room for forgetfulness and back tracking so it's not surprising accidents coincide with a major change in routine (then back into the old one).

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    not attention seeking unless you are giving him a treat and praise for peeing in the house. which i highly doubt.
    he's a baby, and hasnt gotten the whole"pee outside" thing yet.

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    Thank you for the advice Mauricio and Dryfo...I figured it wasn't attention seeking (I think that is putting human emotions into an animal). I thought maybe switching up his schedule might have been an issue. I didn't realize that since dogs are more active at night that they may need to go more. Very helpful!

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