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    Our puppy who is living with us in the last 5 weeks is Dido, I had posted his picture in the Introduction Section a couple of days after his arrival. You can see a more recent close-up in this message.

    We are not as lucky as you are since in our country, dog breeders as such do not exist. Decisions are usually taken in metaphorical darkness.

    Pet shops have puppy farms or you can get hold of a puppy of a friend or a friend of a friend. Occasionally smuggled but 'documented' puppies arrive from Eastern European countries in hidden compartments of luggage.

    So the pedigree of a puppy is rarely known. Officially importing is very difficult and prohibitively expensive.

    I bought Dido from a pet shop in Istanbul that I always visit in order to check the 'inventory'.

    A Labrador Retriever was what I was looking for. And here he was in its chocolate but slightly sad glory. I asked the guys to take him out of the crate and told them that I will be coming back two hours later. The puppy was a bit sullen and withdrawn; maybe a bit scared.

    When I went back two hours later he had gained his puppyhood; sniffing happily and running around; I bought him on the spot.

    I was told that he was coming from a family in another town in Turkey and he was not farm produced. 'Good' I thought but took this information in with a pinch of salt. A pet supplies shop owner after looking at his pictures that it probably originated from Eastern Europe.

    Our vet whom we trust so much (after a dog and three cats) conducted all the test and gave his thumb up...

    He has his big area at home with his own balcony to relieve himself if he needs to, he has always people around and I take him out at least three times a day, first being 6 AM every morning. He manages overnight without barking, whimpering, crying or relieving.

    But there is something that I could not figure out: since I started training him to walk with me on and off the leash with tasty treats in the last (white cheese, boiled chicken leg meat pieces, bits of boneless roast lamb from the previous), he does not relieve himself.

    He can concentrate and walk on my left side keeping the pace without the leash maybe for 10 minutes and even spits out a nice big snail after the rain for the treat and the promise of further walking / treats.

    It seems getting the walking treat is more important for him than getting the relieving treat.

    As soon as we go home he runs to his balcony and....

    What is the issue here? Or is there an issue?

    And how can I sort out this issue if it is an issue?


    Temucin Tuzecan
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    he thinks the balcony is his potty.

    we once had a dog that would hold it until we got home , to our yard. figure out when he eliminates and grab him and get him out, praising, making saying "go potty" each time he goes, and he may eventually associate that with the deed. then make a big deal about the event.

    at least, it's on the balcony that you allow him to go on.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The thing is during the day with the people at home, he does it outside.

    He not only differentiates between spots to do the deed, but he differentiates between people as well.

    Clever Dido!

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    Keep some kibble in your pocket and when he does it outside, reward him with a verbal command. I tell my girl, "Good Pee".
    Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog. ~Franklin P. Jones

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